[Dxspider-support] IP of spotter needed (Lee Sawkins)

Lee Sawkins ve7cc at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 9 19:09:58 GMT 2008


It is quite simple.  

Give us the IP addresses used for W2IRT and CW1LID when they connected
to your cluster.  Then we will know who the troublemaker is. 

73 Lee

Gabriel Medinas wrote:
> Hello Lee and friends, please let me to know about W2IRT and CW1LID
> are in bad actions in YV5KXE cluster to make corrections here, please
> any info directly to my email gmedinas at gmail.com , thanks to all for
> help to maintain the cluster-network clean.
> 73 de Gabriel YV5KXE-4M5G
> www.yv5kxe.org

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