[Dxspider-support] Two Spider nodes on the same linux box

Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Mon Jan 14 12:35:55 GMT 2008

Luigi Carlotto wrote:
> Hello Dirk, hello the list !
> Currently I'm running a single Spider node on my Linux box.
> Due to differentiate the traffic on the node (node to node links and node
> to users links) I would like to set up a second spider node, but running on
> the same Linux computer where is running my actual node.
> Is it possible ??
> I suppose the following:
> 1. Create a different local user, sysop2 for example, to run the second
> cluster under.
> 2. Change the internal cluster port for the second istance, from 27754 to
> 27755 for example.

Although you don't need to do 1) it makes some things slightly easier.


* create a new user (say sysop2)
* login (or su or sudo bash) to root
* cd ~sysop2
* mkdir spider
* cd /spider
* cp -a * ~sysop2/spider
* cd ~sysop2
* chown -R sysop2:sysop2 spider
* vi /etc/inittab
* copy the line:

sp:2345:respawn:su -c "perl /spider/perl/cluster.pl > /dev/null 2>&1" sysop

and change that second (new) line to

sq:2345:respawn:su -c "DXSPIDER_ROOT=/home/sysop2/spider perl 
$DXSPIDER_ROOT/perl/cluster.pl > /dev/null 2>&1" sysop2

so that you now have *two* lines where there was one.

* now login as sysop2
* firstly # out anything you have in spider/local_cmd/crontab (so you 
don't try to connect to the same things as the first node with the same 
* now edit your spider/local/DXVars.pm so that its $mycall and $myalias 
are different from your other node (different SSIDs) and, as you have 
suggested, change your $clusterport to 27755 or something other than 27754.
* edit your .bashrc and add

export DXSPIDER_ROOT=/home/sysop2/spider

to the end of the file.

* logout and login as sysop2 again (VERY IMPORTANT)
* check that a) get an answer and b) it is "/home/sysop2/spider" 
otherwise repeat from the "edit your .bashrc" stage again.

* cd spider/perl
* ./update_sysop.pl
* edit spider/local/Listeners.pm
* you either need to change the ['', 7300] to say [', 
7301] or use specific (different) IP addresses for each instance instead 
of ''.

you can now check whether it comes up OK by

* ./cluster.pl

You should see it launch and not complain about lock files and so forth.

* now you can either stop it, login as root, run: telinit q
* or just reboot.

You will need to clean up your connect scripts. Make sure that the 
callsign you login as (to other nodes) is the new one with the new SSID.

* If you use the curses based console program then it will automatically 
login to the correct node depending on what you login as.

Hope this helps.


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