[Dxspider-support] Cutting spots based on bands & time of day

Manos Darkadakis sv1iw_home at raag.org
Sat Jan 19 14:57:53 GMT 2008

Hello all
does anyone knows how to cut spots based on band & time combination?
Example: 1. Cutting spots from 160M from 0800-1400z                2.
Cutting spots from 10M from 1500-0800 z
These are just a few simple examples
Thanks in advance

Manos G. Darkadakis

SV1IW  (Attention New Mobile)



Radio Amateur Association of Greece

National Society - Member of International

Amateur Radio Union  (IARU) since 1959.


160 M DXCC with a rubber duck? (17M W9INN ANTENNA)

Yes it can be done!


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