[Dxspider-support] Crash when a rcmd received

ON6HH Roland Huysentruyt on6hh at uba.be
Fri May 9 09:29:39 BST 2008

Sorry Dirk ,again  spider crash on rcmd pc 34 .

Nothing found abt DXUser::get in the debug file .
No output  on  "/spider/perl/grepdbg DXUser::get"

rcmd from my sparecluster on6hh-5 to on0dxk-5  no error !

See both debugs  below .
Roland ON6HH

ON0DXK-5    rcmd from GB7DJK

131464:1210318451^<- I ON4ALY dx 7072.00 9A0CI
131465:1210318451^-> D ON4EB DX de ON4ALY:     7072.0  9A0CI 
131466:1210318451^-> D ON6HH DX de ON4ALY:     7072.0  9A0CI 
28 0734Z 27%07%07
etc ...
131542:1210318451^<- I PI4TUE-8 PC34^ON0DXK-5^GB7DJK^forward/opernam 
131543:1210318451^Can't call method "homenode" on unblessed reference at 
/spider/perl/DXProt.pm line 1128.
131544:1210318451^ at /spider/perl/DXProt.pm line 1128
131545:1210318451^ DXProt::process_rcmd('DXProt=HASH(0x8f9d1cc)', 
'ON0DXK-5', 'GB7DJK', 'GB7DJK', 'forward/opernam ON4ALY') called at 
/spider/perl/DXProtHandle.pm line 1061
131546:1210318451^ DXProt::handle_34('DXProt=HASH(0x8f9d1cc)', 34, 
'PC34^ON0DXK-5^GB7DJK^forward/opernam ON4ALY^~', 'PI4TUE-8', 'PC34', 
'ON0DXK-5', 'GB7DJK', 'forward/opernam ON4ALY') called at 
/spider/perl/DXProt.pm line 434
131547:1210318451^ DXProt::normal('DXProt=HASH(0x8f9d1cc)', 
'PC34^ON0DXK-5^GB7DJK^forward/opernam ON4ALY^~') called at 
/spider/perl/DXChannel.pm line 709
131548:1210318451^ DXChannel::process() called at 
/home/sysop/spider/perl/cluster.pl line 522
131549:1210318451^DXChannel ON4ALY destroyed (38)
etc ....

ON0DXK-5   rcmd from ON6HH-5

149004:1210321087^<- I ON6HH-5 PC34^ON0DXK-5^ON6HH-5^forward/opernam 
149005:1210321087^-> D ED7ZAB-5 PC41^ON4ALY^1^Xavier^H10^~
149006:1210321087^-> D ON6HH-5 PC41^ON4ALY^1^Xavier^H10^~
149007:1210321087^-> D OZ2DXC PC41^ON4ALY^1^Xavier^H10^~
149008:1210321087^-> D S50CLX PC41^ON4ALY^1^Xavier^H10^~
149009:1210321087^-> D 4M5DX PC41^ON4ALY^1^Xavier^H10^~
149010:1210321087^-> D IK5PWJ-6 PC41^ON4ALY^1^Xavier^H10^~
149011:1210321087^-> D ON0AN PC41^ON4ALY^1^Xavier^H10^~
149012:1210321087^-> D PI4TUE-8 PC41^ON4ALY^1^Xavier^H10^~
149013:1210321087^-> D F6KCE-3 PC41^ON4ALY^1^Xavier^H10^~
149014:1210321087^-> D YU0DXK PC41^ON4ALY^1^Xavier^H10^~

DX Spider Cluster version 1.55 (build 0.3) on Linux
Copyright (c) 1998-2008 Dirk Koopman G1TLH
ON6HH de ON0DXK-5  9-May-2008 0800Z dxspider >

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