[Dxspider-support] Alerts and QRZ...

VA3MW DX Cluster dxcluster at portcredit.net
Mon May 12 04:10:50 BST 2008


I'm just getting up to speed on some of DXSpiders features.  A couple of

For the sh/qrz callsign, is the call made out on port 80?  I have not
been able to get mine to work, and I wonder if it is my Astaro firewall
(which I have pretty locked down).

Has someone already created a script that can be cron'd to query the
database every 60m or so looking for something unique?  As an example, I
want to know that X amount of 6M spots has happened in the last hour and
then email me (or, that spots are happening between NA and Europe).

Mike VA3MW

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