[Dxspider-support] SHOW/DX with exact match ?

Robert Chalmas rcbza at hb9bza.net
Mon May 12 16:14:49 BST 2008

As I didn't receive any answer from Dirk about this suggestion, here is it 


I just tried to ask for DX spots annoncing my club station using the special
call HB2008G, so I did a "SHOW/DX HB200G" and I got this answer:

sh/d hb2008g
    3513.5  HB2008GR     6-May-2008 2158Z  599 tnx                      <SQ2RH>
    3513.5  HB2008GR     6-May-2008 2121Z  big sig                      <DO9ST>
   10103.5  HB2008G      6-May-2008 1944Z                              <SV2CWV>
    3770.0  HB2008GR     6-May-2008 1944Z  tnx, 73/88 de Wilma!         <DO6YL>
   10103.5  HB2008G      6-May-2008 1941Z  tnx new own                 <DL3VZL>
    3770.0  HB2008GR     6-May-2008 1920Z  tnx                         <IZ5JMZ>
    3770.0  HB2008GR     6-May-2008 1918Z  CQ CQ CQ calling (Not HB2008<DE1VTM>
    3770.0  HB2008GB     6-May-2008 1907Z  Spezial Event               <DO7JVB>
    7009.1  HB2008GR     6-May-2008 1843Z                               <OK2ZO>
    3775.0  HB2008GR     6-May-2008 1737Z  CQ CQ                        <F4EGG>
HB9BZA de HB9IAC-8  7-May-2008 1205Z dxspider >

Well, only 2 out of those 10 spots are what I want, while the 8 others are for
other stations with a longer call starting with the same string.

I already had the same problem in the past while searching for short calls:
most information returned is useless.

Unless I missed a way to do that, would it be possible to implement an
argument to the SHOW/DX command that would instruct the system to look for
exact matches of the call only ?

Vy 73's

Robert - HB9BZA

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