[Dxspider-support] feature request

Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Wed May 14 21:08:37 BST 2008

Lee Sawkins wrote:
> Hi Henk
> Something similar to what you are proposing is currently in use by some
> clusters and their users.
> Many of the VHF and up operators are currently using a common method of
> showing the propagation mode.  The mode is enclose by "<" and ">".  <ES>
> <MS> <EME> <TR> etc are commonly seen in the dx spots.  Usually, but not
> always, the gridsquares are shown before and after this.  Now all you
> need to do is to convince all the non conforming VHF and up users to
> standardise on this method.
> The original AK1A Packet Cluster and other dx cluster node software have
> a method of asking for specific comments.  This is done by using single
> quotes around the desired comments.  "sh/dx '<ES>'" will return a list
> of spots for Es.  "sh/dx '<es>' '<tr>'" will return both kinds of
> spots.  I tried a few Dx Spider clusters, but this does not appear to be
> implemented.

help sh/dx is your friend.

sh/dx info <es> or what ever does what you want. Can't currently combine 
them though - but then I have never been asked.


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