[Dxspider-support] feature request

Lee Sawkins ve7cc at shaw.ca
Wed May 14 20:56:57 BST 2008

Hi Henk

Something similar to what you are proposing is currently in use by some
clusters and their users.

Many of the VHF and up operators are currently using a common method of
showing the propagation mode.  The mode is enclose by "<" and ">".  <ES>
<MS> <EME> <TR> etc are commonly seen in the dx spots.  Usually, but not
always, the gridsquares are shown before and after this.  Now all you
need to do is to convince all the non conforming VHF and up users to
standardise on this method.

The original AK1A Packet Cluster and other dx cluster node software have
a method of asking for specific comments.  This is done by using single
quotes around the desired comments.  "sh/dx '<ES>'" will return a list
of spots for Es.  "sh/dx '<es>' '<tr>'" will return both kinds of
spots.  I tried a few Dx Spider clusters, but this does not appear to be


Henk hdv wrote:
> Dirk,
> The dx-cluster is used for spots on HF as well as for VHF and higher.
> At the higer frequencies the mode of propagation is of importance to the
> dx-hunters.
> On those frequencies some are just looking for tropo DX, while others are
> active on EME, etc. .
> On top of that various programs exist which use a special notation in the
> remark-area of a dx message to take the spot into account for calculation of
> the propagation. Based on that for instance sporadic-E forecasts for 6m and
> 2m are made.
> However there is no standardisation in this area. So a lot of valuable dx
> spots are not used by these programs.
> Also with a "sh/dx on 2m" all kinds of propagation are shown, while one
> could only be interested in all meteor scatter spots during a ms-shower.
> A standardised way of providing the mode of propagation would solve all of
> this.
> So the question is : could the mode of propagation be added to a dx-spot.
> This could be done as:
> dx/ms 144365 sm1abc  the /ms indicating meteor scatter.
> The following additions could be made :
> /tr tropo
> /ms meteor scatter
> /au aurora
> /em eme
> /rs rain scatter
> /io iono
> /te tep
> the /xx should be optional, so all would be the same if no propagation is
> provided.
> In the show command the mode of propagation could be added, so "sh/dx/eme on
> 2m" would only list the eme spots.
> Also propagation calculation programs, like G7RAUs Life MUF, could benefit
> substantually from this addition.
> Although I am no serious hf operator maybe additions for hf could have value
> as well,
> like
> /lp long path
> /gl gray line
> etc.
> Please let me know what you (and others) think of this idea.
> best regards
> Henk PA0C

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