[Dxspider-support] Routing filter on spider 1.55

Luigi Carlotto ik5zuk at tiscali.it
Mon May 19 09:27:25 BST 2008

Hello Dirk, hello all,
goodmorning !

As we know, on the new spider release 1.55 (and the 1.54) the route 
filtering between spider-to-spider nodes is not working anymore, due to 
introduction of the new PC9x protocol.
I believe that routing filter was a very important feature, extremely useful 
to reduce the traffic on RF links [for example].

Dirk, please may be possible to reintroduce the routing filter on the 
current spider release ??

The other sysops, please, discuss about and tell your opinion !!

73 de Luigi, IK5ZUK 

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