[Dxspider-support] Routing filter on spider 1.55

Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Mon May 19 10:29:09 BST 2008

Luigi Carlotto wrote:
> Hello Dirk, hello all,
> goodmorning !
> As we know, on the new spider release 1.55 (and the 1.54) the route 
> filtering between spider-to-spider nodes is not working anymore, due to 
> introduction of the new PC9x protocol.
> I believe that routing filter was a very important feature, extremely 
> useful to reduce the traffic on RF links [for example].
> Dirk, please may be possible to reintroduce the routing filter on the 
> current spider release ??

I am not going to reintroduce the routing filter, as such, for PC92. I 
will be discussing this later on in the summer when I have a bit more 
time. The routing filters were there to solve (or at least reduce 
significantly) the problem of loops of old-style routing information. 
The big problem with them was that they also stopped all directional (eg 
talk) messages as well. PC9x is designed to get around that. It is 
better, but still not perfect.

For RF links, I would recommend doing a set/isolate on that node. This 
will stop all PC9x traffic and quite a lot of other stuff as well.

The central question is this: do we really need a realtime view of all 
the users www are logged in on the system? If the answer is yes, then 
something like PC92 has to exist, if no, then most of it could be 
switched off.


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