[Dxspider-support] 1.54 Rollback

Saul K1BI at comcast.net
Mon May 19 17:42:20 BST 2008

No difference here, running Win XP Pro SP3, 1.55 bld 0.9, seems to run same
as previous versions.
Saul, K1BI

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I am running Win XP Pro SP2.  I can't explain why it bogged down the
machine.  Has anyone else here on the reflector seen this with a Win XP
system for version 1.55 build 0.7? The system came to a crawl after a awhile
and then ultimately froze the machine. It's defrosted now running version
1.54 build 216.

Anthony - N2KI
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Anthony(N2KI) wrote:
> Dirk,
> I can't explain it but what I can tell you is that 1.54 is running 
> fine.  1.55 build 0.7 was totally bogging down the machine. Any ideas?

No, no really. There is no significant functional difference between 
1.54 and 1.55 other than a change in an important API. And that change 
would make it run (very) slightly faster.

What operating system are you using?

Are you on the dxspider-support mailing list. This is the sort of thing 
that should be discussed there, in case other people have noticed or can 
bring their experience to bear.


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