[Dxspider-support] Routing filter on spider 1.55

Luigi Carlotto ik5zuk at tiscali.it
Mon May 19 17:44:20 BST 2008

> I am not going to reintroduce the routing filter, as such, for PC92. I
> will be discussing this later on in the summer when I have a bit more
> time. The routing filters were there to solve (or at least reduce
> significantly) the problem of loops of old-style routing information.

I know Dirk, and I remember well the old discussion about that...

> The big problem with them was that they also stopped all directional (eg
> talk) messages as well. PC9x is designed to get around that. It is
> better, but still not perfect.
> For RF links, I would recommend doing a set/isolate on that node. This
> will stop all PC9x traffic and quite a lot of other stuff as well.

Dirk, let me say that this is a little bit "drastic" measure: it should be 
nice, for example, to be able to forward only the routing info about some 
specific prefix; in this way the traffic via RF ports should be very low, 
but a bit more high that in the set/isolate mode...

> The central question is this: do we really need a realtime view of all
> the users www are logged in on the system? If the answer is yes, then
> something like PC92 has to exist, if no, then most of it could be
> switched off.

My answer to your question is this: certaily we need a realtime view of all 
the users logged in on the system.
But, IMHO, an alternative view of your "central question" is that sometimes, 
in some particular cases, we need the possibility to reduce the extension of 
the network (i.e. the routing info) that we are going to forward, fixed 
stand the realtime view of all the users logged in on the nodes inside the 
forwarded part of the network. In this way PC9x maintains its usefully 
features and lost its imperfection !

73's de Luigi, IK5ZUK

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