[Dxspider-support] Stuck

Ed autek2 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 15:33:52 GMT 2008

Bob Nielsen wrote:

>> Well I found part of the problem, the install manual says to create 
>> the sym link as root, but it doesn't. The sym link has to be created 
>> via the "sudo" command. I'll get this right one of these days.
>> I don't like do-overs.
>> Ed
> It should work as root if you give the complete path to both the source 
> and the link.
> Since using Ubuntu for the past several years, I have gotten used to 
> sudo and don't really miss the root directory.  My Mac works the same 
> way, so I don't need to remember that many differences when switching 
> between computers.

Like Bob I have used Ubuntu for the last few years and have gotten used 
to the sudo command. I just did a do-over using sudo in place of the 
root account and all went smoothly.

Hopefully someone can help with another problem (the last one I hope). I 
connect to the node or another node as a user with the ssid as w3nr-15. 
The problem is with the reject/accept filters. The accept filter is 
being ignored and all I am getting are random spots and all outside of 
the accept filter. (accept/spots 0 call_dxcc 197,226) This has always 
worked before and now for some unknown reason it is ignored.

DX de LA5HE:      7006.0  W9KNI        LP clng a92 ? 
1504Z JO49
DX de I0PJR:     14005.0  CY2ZT/2      iso 
1510Z JN61
DX de OH8LXT:    14088.9  N3MK         RTTY DON NA-083 
1512Z KP23
DX de SV1CQN:    14005.0  CY2ZT/2 
1518Z KM08

These are just a few of the recent spots. FWIW I'm using colrdx, which 
is nothing more than a simple terminal app. Any ideas ?



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