[Dxspider-support] Multiconnects

Klaus Heintzenberg dj6rx at t-online.de
Mon Oct 13 23:23:41 BST 2008

DX Spider Cluster version 1.55 (build 0.31) on Linux

Played with the max connect feature.

I did a set/var $main::maxconnect_user = 1

User         : DL5AN (at KS4Q,EA4URE-5,DB0SPC-7)
Name         : Thomas Graeter
Last connect : 13-Oct-2008 2149Z
QTH          : 74245 Loewenstein
Location     : 49 6 N 9 23 E (JN49QC)
Heading      : 138 Deg. 75 Mi. 121 Km.
Home Node    : KS4Q

Then disconnected DL5AN (disconnect dl5an)

A few minutes later he connected again without any problem while
being connected to two other nodes at the same time.

Then I tried set/maxconnect 1 dl5an and checked stat/user dl5an
and found:  Max Connections: 1

Same test as above, however dl5an was able to connect again while
having connects with two other nodes.

Perhaps I do expect too much or I do not understand the idea of
the maxconnect feature.
When I do show/log too there are some log entries indicating
rejects of multiconnects.  However it appears not to be working
Please advise.

73, Klaus

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