[Dxspider-support] [Fwd: DX-Cluster VHF-DATABASE Issue 2.50 - 10/2008]

Danilo Brelih danilo.brelih at siol.net
Wed Oct 15 10:55:04 BST 2008

Spiders hi

Guys are facing low interest with only 10-12 clusters @ww running
VHF database locally. Go support their work installing vhf database
on your cluster.

CUL Dan, S50U @ S50CLX

Dear DX-Cluster Sysops,  				

a year is over again and we will be able to spread around
a new issue of the VHF-DATABASE (2.50 - 10/2008) to all
interest DX-Cluster Sysops for free of any charge!
(DX-Cluster-Types: CLX, SPIDER, AK1A and / or DXNet).

First off all, please have a big gratitude to Wolfram, DL3AMI,
and Jarek, SP9SPW, who did help for convert the VHF-DATABASE
to SPIDER and DXNet since long years!

We told you to inform you automatic when a new issue will
be available -  PLEASE help and do as well spread it through
the SYSOP-DX-Cluster communitiy bcse we cant reach all people...

The source of the VHF-DATABASE will be at our VHF Portal MMMonVHF
Meantime there are lot of sort functions and several visualisation
tools. After LOGIN at MMMonVHF you are able to use all these
functions and as well the download of the free of charge MS-DATABASES
(Call3.txt for WSJT!). If that is still not enough and you want
to have your own USER VHF-DATABASE-File or DX-Cluster-Version we are
able to provide you with a D-base, WIN-Zipped file which will be given
out once per year in autumn.

If you interested in more details please do visit our MMMonVHF-FORUM:


and you be able to find more details (VHF250e.pdf), the history
(history.pdf) or obtain the DX-Cluster-DATABASE direct via:


Wish you a lot of fun with these new DX-Cluster VHF-DATABASE!
Wuppertal,  October 12nd, 2008

73 de   D L 8 E B W   Guido (Guy)
Team of MMMonVHF the VHF-DX-Portal


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