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Ron Stordahl N5IN ronn5in-dxspider at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 15 15:54:03 BST 2008

> Registration is the way.  It then becomes easy to stop anyone at your 
> node posting rubbish.  If every sysop did this it would stop the rubbish 
> overnight!  From a sysops point of view it is not a hassle either.  The 
> first few you can do by making a list of regular users to your node and 
> then pointing anyon else at a way of getting registration.
> 73 Ian
> -- 
> Ian J Maude, G0VGS
> SysOp GB7MBC DX Cluster
> Member RSGB, GQRP
> K2 #4044 |K3 #455 

Yes, but....dxclusters are part of a network, one would have to have a
way to required that all the clusters in 'your' network were enforcing
that rule. I do not believe this can be done casually, rather it should
be enforced by the program.

At internode connect time information about that nodes registration
policy would have to be presented, and on that basis a decision made as
to accept or reject the connection.  And it would not be good enough to
agree to connect, if that node connects to other nodes that do not
enforce the same policy.

In theory it could be done, just as in theory e-mail spam could be stopped.

It's not easy!

Ron, N5IN  

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