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Ian Maude ian at gb7mbc.net
Wed Oct 15 15:23:43 BST 2008

Michael Walker wrote:
> I honestly think we might have to start a list of calls signs that we 
> may have to restrict or reduce access should they be abusing the 
> network with non amateur radio announcements.  So far, I have had to 
> block 1 Canadian and 1 American.  
> I'm not as fussed about multiple logins (why this is of a really 
> advantage, stumps me), however both of these guys were into Political 
> and Religious rants that had nothing to do with ham radio.  I'm happy 
> to share the callsigns if anyone would like them.  In both cases, I 
> warned them that I was going to do it.  I suspect that one of them is 
> now logged into someone else's cluster.
Registration is the way.  It then becomes easy to stop anyone at your 
node posting rubbish.  If every sysop did this it would stop the rubbish 
overnight!  From a sysops point of view it is not a hassle either.  The 
first few you can do by making a list of regular users to your node and 
then pointing anyon else at a way of getting registration.

73 Ian


Ian J Maude, G0VGS
SysOp GB7MBC DX Cluster
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