[Dxspider-support] I need a little help

Stephen Robert Conrad sconrac556 at rogers.com
Tue Oct 21 14:41:41 BST 2008

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I hope I am sending this to the right group.=0AMy name is=A0Stephen=0AI hav=
e set up DXSpider on a Windows 200 machaine=0AAll appears to be working. I=
=A0am able to start the application and telnet to the cluster.=0AI don't re=
cieve any spots.=0AIt states 1 Node=A01 User when I connect.=0AI have chang=
ed the time=A0on my PC to UTC and that did not seem to work I changed it ba=
ck to local time that did not work. Now it set to UTC.=0AIs there a file wi=
th the node that I connect to that I need to change?=0ADid I miss a step?=
=0AI install all the packages.=0Aand I appears to work but I dosn't see any=
 spots.=0AHow do I connect to=A0other sites?=0ALike I said I need a little =
help=0AThanks=0AVE9SC=0A=A0=0A=A0Stephen Robert Conrad

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