[Dxspider-support] I need a little help with my setup Thanks

Stephen Robert Conrad sconrac556 at rogers.com
Tue Oct 21 21:15:45 BST 2008

I hope I am sending this to the right group I have set up DXSpider on a Windows 2000 machaine
All appears to be working. Iam able to start the application and telnet to the cluster
I don't recieve any spots.
It states 1 Node 1User when I connect. I have changed the time on my PC to UTC and 
that did not seem to work I changed it back to local time that did not work. Now it set to UTC.
Is there a file with the node that I connect to that I need to change?
Did I miss a step? I install all the packages,and I appears to work but I dosn't see any
spots. How do I connect to other sites? Like I said I need a little help.
Thanks VE9SC
Stephen Robert Conrad
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