[Dxspider-support] About SH/NOdes command

Dirk Koopman djk at tobit.co.uk
Wed Apr 1 18:16:11 BST 2009

You can use the grepdbg command to look for strings in the debug files, 
the output has human readable times. You can look at previous days by 
doing '/spider/perl/grepdbg <no of days before today> <string>'.

So 'grepdbg 2 gb7djk' will get you any lines containing gb7djk in the 
debug file from two days ago. If you add -3 (say) you get the line + the 
three lines before it.

There is no time based listing as such.


Luigi Carlotto, IK5ZUK wrote:
>>> Please Dirk, could you tell me something more ?!?
>> No, no really. Not without seeing the debug input from these stations.
> Hi Dirk,
> actually I have:
> sh/debug
> debug levels: msg cron chan connect state
> IK5ZUK de IK5ZUK-6  1-Apr-2009 0902Z dxspider >
> Is it correct ? Do I need to add some particular level ?
> After that, please could you tell me how I can make some time based 
> searching inside the debug files ? (And if you want, I can give you full 
> access to my linux-box so you can SSH inside and search by yourself...) :)
> TU,
> 73 de Luigi, ik5zuk
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