[Dxspider-support] ID1OT

Mike McCarthy, W1NR lists at w1nr.net
Wed Apr 8 14:13:37 BST 2009

I put that call and J1HAD into my badspotter and lockout lists as soon
as I saw them.

Mike, W1NR

Radioman wrote:
> this call tried using my system today, fortunately i have no sending
> spots unless your registered
> here is the IP and Call, it comes back somewhere in the UK
> 07Apr2009 at 18:23:02 ID1OT connected from
> 07Apr2009 at 18:23:39 ID1OT disconnected
> just be aware, for all you open or full access clusters that this
> allows crap like this.
> i was wondering if there was a way to scan the pass logins logs and
> see what other calls used this IP address
> Tony
> NN1D

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