[Dxspider-support] Blocking by ip address

Iain Philipps iain.philipps at sms.xerox.com
Sun Apr 26 19:49:53 BST 2009


I understood Keith's problems to be a variant of what you've described:-

 - there is a single IP address (which he has now shared) which connects to 
his cluster, logs on as (one of) a number of users, sends a spot, 
 - To Keith, I guess this looks like a "robot" of some sort
 - "me too"
 - Keith wants to stop his own machine being used to inject these spots in 
to the network (and I suggested a means by which he might do that)
 - Keith wonders if this will simply move the problem elsewhere (and I guess 
it will ....)

So it isn't the users that Keith wants to stop, but this "robot" .....

Regards     -     Iain

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> Lets see if I understand the problem.  Stations are connecting to your
> cluster and sending spots.  You want to stop them from doing this.  You
> also want to stop them from sending spots on other clusters.  Do I
> understand the problem?
> Lee VE7CC
>> Following on from my problem of stations connecting sending a spot
>> then disconnecting these connections all seem to be coming
>> From the IP address
>> From my searching of the net this is what I have found whilst trying
>> to find the owner of the above IP address
>>If I do lockout whatever is sending all these spots all they are
>>going to do is move to another cluster
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