[Dxspider-support] Blocking by ip address

Keith Le Boutillier keith at cwgsy.net
Sun Apr 26 21:30:41 BST 2009

Hi Lee 

Iain has this spot on in his answer 

There is a robot, chat room or similar that users can post spots from
they all come from the same IP address but log on under the spotters
call post the spot the disconnect this is now running in to hundreds of
connects and disconnects each one a valid connect and disconnect

So far the spots are all genuine no abuse just lots of traffic

73 Keith GB7DXG

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Lets see if I understand the problem.  Stations are connecting to your
cluster and sending spots.  You want to stop them from doing this.  You
also want to stop them from sending spots on other clusters.  Do I
understand the problem?

> Following on from my problem of stations connecting sending a spot
> then disconnecting these connections all seem to be coming
> From the IP address
> From my searching of the net this is what I have found whilst trying
> to find the owner of the above IP address
>If I do lockout whatever is sending all these spots all they are
>going to do is move to another cluster

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