[Dxspider-support] dxspider on Centos

Brendan Minish bminish at minish.org
Sun Dec 19 12:51:41 GMT 2010

Here are some notes I prepared a few months back on installing dxspider
on centos, use in conjunction with the install notes on the dxspider
I have installed quite a few dxspider nodes on Centos, work on centos
systems as a systems administrator and am a certified RHCE, feel free to
ask further questions if if required.  

up2date is long gone from redhat and fedora based distros 

these instructions will also apply pretty much verbatim all recent
versions of fedora. 

Linux Centos5.x (&RHEL5.x)
Centos is a good choice for building clusters since it's a binary
rebuild of Redhat Enterprise linux and as a result has a long support
lifespan. It's very popular for servers due to it's long support

see http://www.centos.org/

For centos Install the EPEL repository, this makes perl-Curses available
within the packaging system, this is not required on fedora

Follow the instructions there for 'version proof' install instructions
For the current version, as root issue the following command

rpm -Uvh

install the packages required for dxspider

yum install perl-TimeDate perl-Digest-SHA1 perl-Curses perl-Net-Telnet
git gcc

# adduser -m sysop

# passwd sysop
# New UNIX password:
# Retype new UNIX password:
  passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully

(yes I know that /home/sysop/spider we are about to link to does not
exist yet but the plan is to use git to pull it in as the sysop user a
bit later and I am root right now and doing it in this order does not
break anything.

# ln -s ~sysop/spider /spider
# groupadd -g 251 spider

Use the following commands to add the users to the spider group, I am
not sure what ins meant by 'alias' and adding the user's call?  

# usermod -aG spider sysop
# usermod -aG spider root 

Change to user sysop

# su - sysop

use git to get latest DXspider build 

$ git clone git://scm.dxcluster.org/scm/spider

Fix up permissions (AS THE SYSOP USER, current walk-though should be
edited to show $ instead of # here to reflect this )

Very bad things happen if you run these as root and in the wrong place,
so we need to make it abundantly clear that these are to be run as the
sysop user in the sysop's home directory /home/sysop

$ chown -R sysop.spider spider
$ find . -type d -exec chmod 2775 {} \;
$ find . -type f -exec chmod 775 {} \;

Go do the DXvars thing.


the inittab trick works fine on centos 5.x, this will probably change on
6.x so for 6.x and fedora use the upstart script 
I considered writing a proper service init script but it's likely to
change in the next release, so not today ..  

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