[Dxspider-support] An Idea for DX Spider

Kjell Jarl K-Jarl at algonet.se
Sun Oct 10 17:05:56 BST 2010

RXClus is another user program supprorting this feature.

Not needed in DXSpider.

Kjell, SM7GVF

Dirk Koopman G1TLH skrev 2010-10-10 17:28:
> On 10/10/10 11:40, Francesco GIACOIA wrote:
>> A good implementation for DX CLuster Spider a opportunity to check a
>> callsign spot as LoTW user with a * for example
>> DX de IQ7TA: 7050 IZ7AUH* CQDX 1040z
>> it's a dream or a good idea?
> I don't really understand the issues other than it seems to require
> someone to maintain an ever increasing database of callsigns that then
> needs to be downloaded and installed frequently.
> Is there anybody else out there that wants this? I know it has come up
> in the past (2006) but the consensus then seemed to be that it was not a
> feature that users wanted. Has anything changed since then?
> Dirk
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