[Dxspider-support] An Idea for DX Spider

K1BI k1bi at comcast.net
Sun Oct 10 21:05:42 BST 2010

It's a feature already built into many logging and DX terminal programs.
RXClus for example has it built in. All spots that it receives from a
cluster are flagged with an L if the spotted station is a member of LOTW.
S. Dinman, K1BI

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On 10/10/10 11:40, Francesco GIACOIA wrote:
> A good implementation for DX CLuster Spider a opportunity to check a 
> callsign spot as LoTW user with a * for example
> DX de IQ7TA: 7050 IZ7AUH* CQDX 1040z
> it's a dream or a good idea?

I don't really understand the issues other than it seems to require someone
to maintain an ever increasing database of callsigns that then needs to be
downloaded and installed frequently.

Is there anybody else out there that wants this? I know it has come up in
the past (2006) but the consensus then seemed to be that it was not a
feature that users wanted. Has anything changed since then?


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