[Dxspider-support] request for partners

Erik Schott (huis) e.schott at home.nl
Mon Feb 15 23:57:01 GMT 2016

Hi, I have installed dxspider on a lowlevelserver here in The Netherlands, together with an APRS Tier 2 server.
I am looking for some network partners from all over the world. 
The cluster PA0ESH-3 can be reached at dxcluster.paoesh.nl <http://dxcluster.paoesh.nl/> port 7300
Many thanks for your help in advance.
73 de Erik  - PA0ESH
http://llserver.pa0esh.nl <http://llserver.pa0esh.nl/>
www.pa0esh.nl <http://www.pa0esh.nl/>
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