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Michael Carper, Ph.D. mike at wa9pie.net
Tue Feb 16 15:15:28 GMT 2016

Good conversation... very helpful.

Dirk - what you're saying (first point) is that this command would be in a
crontab in the context of the sysop.  That's the way it is on my system.
Then (second point) is that we can add this "MAILTO" line here to help us
connect two events - the email... and the reset/crash.

>From there... we can know what the cause was.  Is that what is being

I'm wondering if there's a way to add a "Subject" to that email so that -
if there are more than one spawn command in the crontab - the sysop could
have the ability to know which spawn event is associated with which email.

Mike, WA9PIE

On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 8:40 AM, djk <djk at tobit.co.uk> wrote:

> On 15/02/16 23:53, Michael Carper, Ph.D. wrote:
>> Would this item in my cronjob cause the DX Spider application to restart?
>> # AutoUpdate DXSpider Server
>> 0 1 * * * spawn("cd /spider; git reset --hard; git pull")
> Ah, I have had sporadic reports of the spawn() command in crontab causing
> crashes. So far, I have not been able to reproduce it. It *may* be a perl
> problem [maybe: when called as I do it]. You would be much better to put
> that command in a real crontab for the sysop user. This would sidestep any
> error caused by me/perl.
> * Login as the sysop user
> * crontab -e
> <an editor window will appear>
> <enter the following>
> MAILTO="<someone at somewhere.com>"
> 0 1 * * * cd /spider; git reset --hard; git pull
> <save and exit>
> * crontab -l
> <shows you what you have just entered>
> Cron will send you an email every time this command is done. When you are
> happy that this is working, then you can switch that off by doing another
> crontab -e and changing:
> Hope that helps
> Dirk G1TLH
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