[Dxspider-support] DX Spider restarts

djk djk at tobit.co.uk
Tue Feb 16 14:40:12 GMT 2016

On 15/02/16 23:53, Michael Carper, Ph.D. wrote:
> Would this item in my cronjob cause the DX Spider application to restart?
> # AutoUpdate DXSpider Server
> 0 1 * * * spawn("cd /spider; git reset --hard; git pull")

Ah, I have had sporadic reports of the spawn() command in crontab 
causing crashes. So far, I have not been able to reproduce it. It *may* 
be a perl problem [maybe: when called as I do it]. You would be much 
better to put that command in a real crontab for the sysop user. This 
would sidestep any error caused by me/perl.

* Login as the sysop user
* crontab -e
<an editor window will appear>
<enter the following>
MAILTO="<someone at somewhere.com>"
0 1 * * * cd /spider; git reset --hard; git pull
<save and exit>
* crontab -l
<shows you what you have just entered>

Cron will send you an email every time this command is done. When you 
are happy that this is working, then you can switch that off by doing 
another crontab -e and changing:


Hope that helps

Dirk G1TLH

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