[Dxspider-support] cvs error

Kjell Jarl K-Jarl at algonet.se
Mon Feb 22 22:33:41 GMT 2016

I have a cvs error, I tried to do a fresh install into /tmp to see if I 
got any other errors, but got the same problem. The Changes file has 
first entry dated 02 June 2015.

The error is (typing from a picture);

cvs update -d

cvs update: warning: unrecogniozed response 'DBD:::SQLite::st execute 
failed: attempt to write a readonly database at /usr/bin/git-cvsserver 
line 4280.' from cvs server
cvs update: warning: unrecognized response 'Use of uninitialized value 
in addition (+) at /usr/bin/git-cvsserver line 3974, <FILELIST> chunk 
2.' from cvs server

So it goes on, with chunk 4, 6 ... many more errors follows.

Centos 5.

Any suggestions?

Kjell, SM7GVF

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