[Dxspider-support] [Fwd: spider 1.50]

f6ggy_victor f6ggy at tiscali.fr
Thu Oct 17 04:08:25 BST 2002

Dirk Koopman wrote:

>This is a really old version of perl now. Whilst I would like to help
>you, I would much rather you upgraded your perl to at least 5.6.1. It is
>becoming increasingly difficult for me to support these early perls. I
>not longer have them here.  I have nothing less than perl 5.6.0 (and I
>don't recommend that). 
>Can you use a more recent version of SuSE? This would give you a much
>nicer system altogether anyway.
>Dirk G1TLH
>On Thu, 17 Oct 2002 02:00:12 +0200
>f6ggy_victor <f6ggy at tiscali.fr> wrote:
>>Dirk Koopman wrote:
>>>What version of perl are you using?
>>> $ perl -v
>>>Dirk G1TL
>>version perl 5.004_05
>>victor f6ggy
>>Dxspider-support mailing list
>>Dxspider-support at dxcluster.org
>Dxspider-support mailing list
>Dxspider-support at dxcluster.org
ok dirk

i put a version default PERL of suse 7.3 and spider run ok


i look now a file configuration for node connect
and please a question

i see in file result of excute script  
localhost 27754   this port is a port of telnet connection??

thank you

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