[Dxspider-support] SH/QRZ help Please

Keith Le Boutillier keith at gtonline.net
Thu Sep 19 13:56:53 BST 2002

Hi All

Using the latest version of Spider running on windows ME and i still can't
get the SH/QRZ function to work.
The cluster connects straight to the internet no proxy server or the like to
worry about

The error message that i get is

The Unsupported function alarm function is unimplemented at
line 2032
Argument "" isn't numeric gt (>) at C:/perl/site/lib/net/telnet.pm line
2569. at(eval 264) line 29

Would it be possible for someone who has the QRZ function working to forward
a copy of their internet.pm  file so i can try and work out why this wont

Thanks for help

73 Keith GU6EFB

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