[Dxspider-support] ubuntu 7.4 feasty fawn

Stephen M. Murphy murphys at comcast.net
Sun Feb 17 00:26:08 GMT 2008

'I wondered about that, as I noticed that some other modules were 
similarly renamed.  Being impatient, I just used the CPAN modules rather 
than trying to figure out the Ubuntu-specific package names, though. 

I'm going to add this to my notes for the next time I rebuild the node 
machine; great info!


Steve N8NM

Bob Nielsen wrote:
> It is not necessary to download any of the modules from CPAN, as the  
> ones you need are already packaged for Ubuntu.  The trick is to  
> figure out the name of the package as it is slightly different than  
> the module name.  I have the following Ubuntu packages installed:
> libcompress-zlib-perl
> libcurses-perl
> libnet-telnet-perl
> libtimedate-perl
> 73, Bob N7XY
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