[Dxspider-support] [Fwd: ClusterJoin... Mix your Telnet Cluster Spots and CW Skimmer spots into same application.]

Henk Remijn PA5KT pa5kt at remijn.net
Tue Nov 11 07:00:54 GMT 2008

The maker of the program got some complaints. He already changed it so 
spots can only be sent to 1 of the connected nodes.

Bela Markus schreef:
> Few years ago I made tests conencting to several SPIDER's at the same 
> time to see any difference using EU, U, ... links. The fact is that 
> there are no any benefit using multiple links except a protection 
> agains link outage.
> 73... Béla, HA5DI
> Danilo Brelih írta:
>> Spiders hi
>> More headache with more multiply connections are on the way ... !?
>> CUL Dan, S50U @ S50CLX
>> http://s50clx.infrax.si

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